Are 200 Level Seats at MSG Good?

200 Level. The 200 level seats at Madison Square Garden, also called the upper level seats, consists of sections 208 through 227. The seats on the 200 level are the most affordable seats at Madison Square Garden and is where you will find the average fan during Rangers and Knicks home games.

What are the best seats at Madison Square Garden?

Most fans will agree that floor seats are the best seats for seeing a concert at Madison Square Garden. Given their proximity to the stage, tickets in these seats often command top-dollar. For a typical end-stage concert, there are six sections labeled A-F on the floor at MSG.

What are the best seats for Billy Joel at MSG?

Okay, so for the Billy Joel concert at MSG – there’s actually a little secret… the seats behind the stage are marked as ‘rear view’ – but the way Billy plays you can see the concert perfectly and those sections (111-113) provide the best ticket deals and some consider them the best seats for Billy’s MSG concert.

What are club level seats at Madison Square Garden?

Also known as the Lounge Club seats, Eighteen76 Balcony offers is located in the 300-level and offers a premium experience which includes extra padded seating, and access to a lounge with televisions, upscale furniture, and premium concession options.

How are floor seats at Madison Square Garden?

Madison Square Garden Floor Concert Seating Views

Typically a GA Floor is standing-room-only, but you’ll have a better chance of getting right up in front of your favorite performers in one of these pits. The Floor Level may also hold physical seats for shows with reserved seating.

Where should I sit at a Knicks game?

As for where to sit when you go, basketball is a sport best seen in the lower level. One of the better options is the Club seats, located in the first eight rows of the three center section on each side of the floor.

What floor is ice level at MSG?

Located on top of Penn Station, Madison Square Garden is elevated from street level. Ice level is actually on the fifth floor, with the press box and the brand new “Chase Bridges” comprising the 10th floor of the facility.

Are floor seats or lower level seats better for a concert?

If being close to the artist listening to loud music and dancing with a large crowd is your idea of fun, then floor seats are worth it. However, if you like your personal space and want to see the show as a whole, you may want to consider upper-level seats.

How long is Billy Joel MSG concert?

2 and half to three hours.

How long is a Billy Joel concert?

How long are Billy Joel concerts? Most concerts last about 2-3 hours but can run shorter or longer depending on the artist, opening acts, encore, etc. Billy Joel concerts typically last 2.5 hours.

Are MSG seats comfortable?

The drawbacks of MSG are that the seats are very cramped with little leg room, and the prices of the food and drink sold inside the Garden are shockingly overpriced.

How many levels are there in Madison Square Garden?

Madison Square Garden, commonly known as The Garden, is New York’s most important sports arena. It is colloquially known as “The most famous coliseum in the world”. With five floors and a capacity for 20,000 people, Madison Square Garden is well known in the boxing world.

What are Madison Club seats?

Individual tickets for the Madison Club start at $42,500 a year and will be sold in packs of two and four. But unlike most traditional season tickets, this package comes with access to a club roughly the size of 10 corporate suites. The club offers free gourmet food, a private bar and private restrooms.

What are the best seats at a basketball game?

  • Courtside.
  • Center Court.
  • Lower Level Corner.
  • Behind the Basket.
  • Club Level.

How much are floor seats at Madison Square Garden?

How Much Do Knicks Courtside Tickets Cost? Courtside seats to the New York Knicks cost $2,650 to $5,600 on average. The cost of courtside tickets for the Knicks varies greatly based on how close the seats are to the court.



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