Are 700c Tires Good?

It is the most common tire size in hybrid, road, gravel and touring bikes and they are the perfect size for bike commuting too for a good reason. Wheels with 700c tires strike a good balance of speed, handling in corners, maneuverability, and comfort.

IS 700c wheel good?

For cyclists in North America, Western Europe, and a few other spots around the globe, finding 700c wheels/tires won’t be a problem. So, if you plan to ride in one of these areas, then using a bike with 700c wheels is an excellent choice.

How long do 700c tires last?

The conventional wisdom is that your road bike tires last anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 miles. High-end (more expensive) tires should last at least 2,500 miles.

What does 700c mean for tires?

700C tires

The “700” refers to the rough outer diameter of the tire, although the actual outer diameter will vary greatly, depending on the type of tire and tread pattern. The “C” means NOTHING; it does not stand for “centimeters.” Think about it–a 700-centimeter tire would be HUGE, over 21 feet tall!

Are 700c wheels faster?

The results are always the same: There is no measurable difference in how fast the three common wheel sizes (26″, 650B, 700C) roll on real roads – paved or gravel, even cobblestones – as long as you keep the casings, tread and other factors the same.

What are 700C wheels good for?

700c is better for taller riders– The larger wheels fit the geometry of the bike better. It just looks and feels more natural to have 700c wheels on a large framed bike. 700C wheels are best for riders over 5’5” or about 165cm.

What is the difference between 29 and 700C?

29″ (ISO size 622) is actually the same rim diameter as 700C, although most 29″ tires will not fit 700C road rims because they’re too wide.

Should I replace both bike tires at the same time?

Q: Should I replace both bicycle tires at the same time? You do not need to replace both of your bike tires at the same time. A lot of people wear one tire or the other out faster depending on how they ride. If one tire is worn bald but the other tire looks fine, then by all means, only replace one tire.

Can bike tires last 20 years?

Registered. As long as the tires look and feel good (rubber still feels pliable), you should be Ok in using them.

How often should you replace inner tubes?

So, how often should you replace inner tubes? Consider replacing inner tubes every time you replace the tires or when the inner tubes can no longer hold air. Regardless, it’s a good idea to do it after 2-4 years of hard riding.

What is the difference between 27.5 and 700c?

27.5”/650B rims have a bead seat diameter of 584mm, and 29”/700C rims have a bead seat diameter of 622mm. Adding to the confusion, and counter to what the industry might lead you to believe, 650B is nothing new. It’s actually been around for quite some time (see boxout below).

How big are 700c bike tires?

700c. A standard road tire is 700c x 23mm, indicating a tire diameter of approximately 700mm and a width of 23mm.

Is a 700c wheel 29 inches?

All road and cyclocross bikes are built with 700c wheels, which are 29 inches. However, 700c wheels are designed to accommodate a thinner tire. Many come in widths ranging from 18 to 23 millimeters, with touring tires ranging from 25 to 28 millimeters.

Are bigger bike tires better?

It turns out wider tyres are actually faster along with the benefits of increased comfort and traction. In the very early days of road cycling, tyres were wide because the roads were poorly surfaced, and in many cases, not even surfaced at all.

Are 700C tires the same as 28?


The tyres can differ, but the 28”, 700C and 29er are all the exact same rim diameter. The 700 markings will be followed by the width in mm, and the 28 or 29 markings will be followed by the width in inches. This is the most common wheel size, so look out for familiar markings (such as 28×1.

Why are 26ers better?

26ers are strong, responsive and maneuverable. They accel in areas that require frequent stop and go and are great if you need quick acceleration and handling. 29ers have a higher attack angle and help you maintain speed and stability more easily.



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