Are Above Ground Pools Trashy?

Is it worth getting an above ground pool?

Above-ground pools are more affordable compared to inground spas. They require less installation, excavation and labor costs, bringing down the price right from the start. Plus, inground pools may be taxed as property improvements. However, expect a similar investment in terms of pool maintenance.

Is it better to have an inground or above ground pool?

Above ground and inground pools require a lot of the same maintenance tasks, including cleaning, filtering, and maintaining chemical balance. As far as durability goes, inground pools – particularly concrete and fiberglass ones – generally hold up much better than above ground pools.

Why do people have above ground pools?

If you want a pool in a hurry or are on a tight budget, an above-ground pool is an option. The advantage is that they take just a few days to install, they arrive in a kit form and are erected by a team of installers.

How long do above ground pools usually last?

2018. A high-quality above ground pool from Valley Pool & Spa should last between 10 and 20 years depending on how well you care for it. However, your pool liner will not last as long as your pool. Contact a pool expert at our store to see if you need a new liner before you decide to replace your entire pool.

What are the cons of an above ground pool?

If you want a pool you can practice diving in, an above ground pool is not the choice for you. Especially with weather like Massachusetts, above ground pools damage easier than inground pools. Snow and hail can hurt your pool’s walls and lining, leading to the pool as a whole not lasting as long.

What are the pros and cons of above ground pools?

  • Easy to Install and Remove. Installing an in-ground pool is a professionals’ job, requiring digging, leveling, and insulating.
  • Affordability.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • They’re Safer.
  • They Can Be Damaged More Easily.
  • They Don’t Increase Home Value.
  • Limited Versatility.
  • They Can Look Cheap.

How can I make my above ground pool look nice?

  • Surround it with a deck.
  • Take things to the next level(s).
  • Add a retaining wall.
  • Throw shade.
  • Design a lounge space.
  • Liven things up with landscaping.
  • Set the mood with lighting.
  • Make your pool the star attraction.

Is it hard to maintain an above ground pool?

Above ground pools are less expensive, easier-to-install alternatives to in-ground pools. And if that weren’t enough, they’re also usually easier to maintain. There are a few things you’ll want to do to keep your above ground pool in good working condition.

Can you swim in above ground pool?

It has a 10-foot diameter and is big enough for the entire family to enjoy. One of the best parts of this pool other than its affordable price is how easy and quickly you can start swimming. Just inflate the pool with an air pump, sold separately.

Is it cheaper to build an above ground pool?

Above ground pools are much less expensive than inground pools, with most homeowners spending $2,850 on average. If that price range is still out of your budget, you may be able to find a kit for as low as $750. High-quality above ground pools can go for as much as $11,200.

How deep can a above ground pool be?

Above-Ground pools are available in a variety of sizes, in Round and Oval shapes. Depths range from 48″ to 54″.

Are above ground pools warmer than inground pools?

The reason is that there really isn’t much of a difference in water temperature between in-grounds and above grounds. Above ground pools can get a little warmer and a little colder than in-grounds, but not as much as some think.

Can you leave an Intex pool up all winter?

In warmer climates, Intex advises to keep your pool up, if you prefer. However, you must winterize the pool when keeping it full throughout the winter. If your area maintains tropical climates all year long, you may not need to winterize your pool at all, especially if you use your pool on a regular basis.

Can you have salt water above ground pool?

Can A Saltwater Pool Be Used on an Above Ground Pool? If you’re wondering if a saltwater generator can be used for an above ground pool, the answer is- absolutely! Many people have above ground saltwater pools, especially as salt water pools slowly become the norm.

Are round pools better than oval?

Larger round pools can offer the best lap swimming along with plenty of room for additional swimmers in the pool. ( The largest oval pool is 18′ wide by 33′ long whereas the largest round is 33′ each way offering more room to swim laps either way.)



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