Are Accordion Shutters Expensive?

Accordion Shutters Cost. Accordion-style hurricane shutters cost $15 to $30 per square foot plus an hourly rate of $45 to $100 to install every seven square feet.

Are accordion shutters worth it?

The Benefits of Accordion Shutters

They offer your home several serious benefits, including: Good protection – While hurricane shutters don’t provide quite the same level of storm protection that impact windows do, they’re certainly better than many options (like plywood boards or patterned tape).

What are the least expensive hurricane shutters?

Plywood is the least expensive and least permanent, with a cost of $2 to $6 per square foot. From there, the prices vary between $5 and $60 per square foot, with electric roll-down metal shutters being the most expensive.

Are hurricane shutters worth the cost?

That’s where hurricane shutters prove their worth. Installing this type of heavy-duty style shutters is more than adequate protection and will not only reduce the risk of injury from broken glass and debris but will also strengthen and protect the interior of your home from strong winds.

Are accordion shutters strong?

Accordion shutters, which consist of a series of small, linked panels that travel in a metal track, are aluminum, making them strong and durable. They’re also good for sliding glass doors and picture windows.

What is the average cost of accordion shutters?

Accordion Shutters Cost. Accordion-style hurricane shutters cost $15 to $30 per square foot plus an hourly rate of $45 to $100 to install every seven square feet.

How do you maintain accordion shutters?

  • Keep the tracks clean. It’s important to keep the tracks of the shutters clean by washing them regularly.
  • Lubricate the tracks at least twice a year.
  • Wash with soap and warm water.
  • Operate your shutters at least once a month.

Do hurricane shutters increase home value?

Increasing Resale Value

Installing hurricane shutters can significantly increase the resale value of your property. Potential buyers recognize the investment and care taken to maintain safety and security.

Which is better hurricane windows or shutters?

Hurricane shutters don’t offer the best protection against debris and high winds. So if you are looking for the ultimate in storm protection, you can’t go wrong with hurricane impact resisting windows which will give your home the perfect protection against flying debris, strong winds, and other perils.

What is the cost of roll down hurricane shutters?

Roll-up or roll-down hurricane shutters cost

Roll-down hurricane shutters cost $25 to $120 per square foot or $175 to $840 per window on average. Manual roll-up shutters cost $20 to $50 per square foot.

Are hurricane screens worth it?

While it might seem unnerving to view a storm at full force, these screens allow light to come through, which can help you feel less claustrophobic as the next hurricane moves through the state. Although screens provide protection from rain and wind, they are not security products.

How much does a hurricane window cost?

HomeAdvisor states that the average cost of installing hurricane-proof windows on an entire home ranges from $2,449 and $13,395, or $7,922 on average. That comes to about $55 per square foot of window. Each window, depending on size and customization, ranges between $90 and $400.

Are Bahama shutters hurricane proof?

Storm protection: The main function of Bahama shutters is to provide protection during a hurricane. The hinges are located at the top of the window. They are thick and durable enough to withstand the strong winds and heavy rain of a hurricane.

Are there different types of accordion shutters?

  • Accordion Hurricane Shutters. These storm shutters are either one or two-piece configurations that are stored alongside the windows or doors when not in operation.
  • Bahama Hurricane Shutters. This one-piece louvered shutter is affixed above your windows.
  • Colonial Hurricane Shutters.
  • Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters.

Which type of hurricane shutters are best?

  • Best Overall: Rolling Shutters.
  • Best Value: Fabric Storm Panels.
  • Best Quick Fix: Storm Panels.
  • Most Stylish: Colonial Shutters.
  • Most Versatile: Bermuda Shutters.
  • Best for Sliding Doors: Accordion Shutters.

Are all accordion shutters the same?

Not all Accordion Shutters Systems are made the same. – HIGH SECURITY available high security locking system for storefront applications. The Maximum Impact® Accordion Shutters are the choice for property owners who want the highest degree of protection available.



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