Are Achilles and Patroclus Lovers?

Centuries later, various Greek texts presented Achilles and Patroclus as pederastic lovers (a common practice in Greek society where an older male and younger male form a sexual relationship). But we don’t know if there even was an age gap between them.

Do Patroclus and Achilles fall in love?

The idea that Patroclus and Achilles were lovers is quite old. Many Greco-Roman authors read their relationship as a romantic one—it was a common and accepted interpretation in the ancient world. We even have a fragment from a lost tragedy of Aeschylus, where Achilles speaks of his and Patroclus’ “frequent kisses.”

Did Achilles sleep with Patroclus?

She reveals that Achilles slept with her twice, but Achilles had already told Patroclus so he only apologizes again and he offers to get her father or a lady, but Deidameia asks him to stay and he comforts her imagining that Achilles held her the same way.

Who was Achilles in love with?

Achilles slew Mynes and the brothers of Briseis (children of Briseus), then received her as his war prize. Even though she was a war prize, Achilles and Briseis fell in love with each other, and Achilles may have gone to Troy intending to spend much time in his tent with her, as was portrayed in the movie.

Are Achilles and Patroclus soulmates?

Origin. Patroclus was the son of Menoetius, and the cousin of Achilles, his friend and his “first soulmate”.

Did Achilles have a male lover?

Did Achilles have a male lover? As a boy, Achilles develops a close relationship with another boy named Patroclus, who joins Achilles’ household as an exile, having accidentally killed another child.

Do Achilles and Patroclus kiss?

One day while on the beach with Achilles, Patroclus kisses him. Patroclus, filled with shame, watches as Achilles runs away. On his way back to the palace, Patroclus is approached by an enraged Thetis who tells Patroclus that she saw the kiss and that Achilles will be leaving the palace.

Is The Song of Achilles LGBT?

It serves as a great example of LGBTQ+ representation in that it approaches and treats gay romance the same way straight romance would be written about. There is so much more besides their sexuality that makes this book great.

Do Achilles and Patroclus end up together?

It is Patroclus’ own voice that takes us through this journey. It being with narrating how his father Peleus gives Patroclus to Achille’s father, as penance for the crime and ends when Achille’s mother, Thetis finally agrees that Patroclus and Achilles lay together after their deaths.

Was Patroclus married?

So as soon as Phoenix found out that Thetis had a daughter (by the way, she was also named Thetis), he decided to marry her off. He knew that if Patroclus got married, his wife would help him run the kingdom – and would help him to forget about Thetis’ favoritism of Achilles.

Why did Achilles love Patroclus?

Those who believe they were lovers often cite lines where Achilles says that he loved Patroclus as his own life (Book 18). Another popular piece of evidence for the argument is that Patroclus requests that their bones be buried together, which indicates the strength of their bond.

Did Achilles have a girlfriend?

When Achilles led the assault on Lyrnessus during the Trojan War, he captured Briseis and slew her parents and brothers. She was subsequently given to Achilles as a war prize to be his concubine.

Is Patroclus a boy?

Patroclus was the son of Menoetius in Greek mythology, and best friend of the hero Achilles. His father was one of the Argonauts, while many different women have been mentioned as Patroclus’ mother.

Who is Achilles wife?

However, he demanded a replacement concubine in exchange: Achilles’ wife, the Trojan princess Breseis. Achilles did as his commander asked and relinquished his bride.

Are Achilles and Patroclus the same age?

Achilles was younger than Patroclus. This reinforces Dowden’s explanation of the relationship between an eromenos, a youth in transition, and an erastes, an older male who had recently made the same transition.

Are Patroclus and Achilles lovers in Hades?

Hades: Hades had Achilles sign a contract stating that he would work for Hades; his job involves training and looking after Zagreus, and guarding the West Wing. Patroclus: Patroclus was Achilles’ lover in the mortal realm. Achilles forged a contract with Hades so that Patroclus could reside in Elysium.



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