Are Add on Codes Modifier 51 Exempt?

Modifier 51 is not appended to add-on codes.

Can modifier 51 be used with add on codes?

A modifier 51 is never appended to an add-on code. The only coding rule (other than documentation and medical necessity) that must be met to report this combination is the presence of an arthroscopic parent or index code to allow CPT code 29826 to be reported.

What type of code is exempt from the use of modifier 51?

Modifier 51 comes into play only when two or more procedures are performed. It is not to be used when a procedure is performed along with an Evaluation and Management (E/M) service. There are instances where multiple procedures are performed but modifier 51 is not appropriate.

Are add on codes modifier exempt?

These codes can’t be billed without a primary code, and the fee is already discounted as it is a secondary procedure. This is why add-on codes are “modifier 51 exempt” and, most of the time, you won’t need to use any modifiers with CPT add-on codes.

Which of the following codes allow the use of modifier 51?

Use modifier 51 on the excision (11600) because RVU’s are lower than the repair. 12032, 11600-51. Modifier 51 should be applied to all other codes when multiple non-E/M services are provided at the same session. Modifier 51 can be used with other modifiers, when appropriate, except modifier 50.

When should modifier 51 be used?

CPT guidelines explain the 51 modifier should apply when “multiple procedures, other than E/M services, are performed at the same session by the same individual. The additional procedure(s) or service(s) may be identified by appending modifier 51 to the additional procedure or service code(s).”

Which modifier is exempt from being used in the medicine section?

The multiple procedure code Modifier 51, causes some confusion among medical billing because it relates to multiple procedures performed but what many medical coders miss is the fact it only applies to multiple procedures performed by physicians and imaging centers.

When verifying if a CPT code is modifier 51 exempt what appendix would you use?

Most payers apply a “multiple procedure discount” with modifier 51. This refers to the practice of reducing the reimbursement for subsequent procedures because of shared resources when two or more procedures are performed together. CPT® Appendix E lists codes that are exempt from modifier 51.

Does Medicare recognize modifier 51?

Medicare does not recommend reporting Modifier 51 on your claim; the processing system has hard-coded logic to append the modifier to the correct procedure code.

Which appendix in CPT contains the summary of modifier 51 exempt codes?

Medicare does not recommend reporting Modifier 51 on your claim; the processing system has hard-coded logic to append the modifier to the correct procedure code.

Do add on codes have to be billed on the same claim?

Both services must be provided by the same person, and the “parent”/primary code and add-on “child” code must both be billed by the same provider for the same date of service on the same claim.

What are CPT add on codes?

An add-on code is a HCPCS/CPT code that describes a service always performed in conjunction with the primary service (see CPT definition below). An add-on code is eligible for payment only if it is reported with the appropriate primary procedure performed by the same physician.

Does Medicare pay add on codes?

Type II add-on codes are eligible for payment if an acceptable primary procedure code, as determined by CGS, is also eligible for payment to the same practitioner for the same patient on the same date of service. This is usually established through support¬ing documentation in the patient’s medical record.

What is the difference between modifier 50 and 51?

Modifier 50 Bilateral procedure describes procedures or services that take place on identical, opposing structures (e.g., shoulder joints, breasts, eyes). Use modifier 51 Multiple procedures to show that the same provider performed multiple procedures (other than E/M services) during the same session.

Can you bill modifier 50 and 51 together?

Yes, modifiers 50 and 51 can be used together. Most payers and clearinghouses remove modifier 51, because their systems automatically calculate the 50% reduction based on RVU ranking, whether the practice applies mod 51 or not.

Can modifier 51 and 52 be used together?

Moda Health will deny 98940 – 98943 for invalid modifier combination when billed with modifier 51. 52 Modifier 52 (reduced services) signifies that only part of the code description was performed, some parts were omitted.



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