Are Aesop Products All Natural?

Are Aesop products phthalate free?

Is Aesop Phthalates-free? Yes — pretty much all of Aesop’s products are phthalate-free. To avoid phthalates, avoid DEP, DBP and DEHP in the ingredients list. Phthalates help to make plastics bendable and less breakable and are often found in products like nail polish or hairspray.

Is Aesop clean?

As for what’s inside, all Aesop products are vegan, meticulously formulated with essential oils and natural extracts claiming a multitude of skin benefits, and many are considered Byrdie clean.

What is so good about Aesop?

What is this? Aesop is generally well accepted. Especially with a zero-waste campaign, and product quality that really brings wellness to your skin. They offer skincare, haircare, body, fragrance, and indoor aromatics— both for men and women.

What is Aesop brand best known for?

Probably best known for its polished aesthetic, Aesop is one of those skincare brands with the ability to bring a touch of luxury to any bathroom counter or washbag.

Is Aesop shampoo paraben free?

All Aesop products are free of parabens.

Is Aesop ethical?

Aesop is a B Corporation and Aesop’s Ethical Sourcing Program ensures their suppliers use environmentally responsible processes, have safe working conditions, and treat workers with dignity. In addition, Aesop is committed to taking climate action and reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by no later than 2030.

Is Aesop vegan?

You won’t see “vegan” plastered all over their packaging, but Aesop’s plant-based range have always been 100% cruelty and animal by-product free.

Where are Aesop products made?

Delectable Australian-made skin, hair and body care products. Though they were established in Melbourne back in 1987, Aesop is perfectly at home in the artisan aesthetic of The Rocks.

Is Aesop suitable for sensitive skin?

“We developed that one last year and it’s actually been tested suitable for sensitive skin as well. We have a serum and you can start to blend this product with some of our emollient oils if you need richer hydration.”

Is Aesop safe for eczema?

While Aesop products may form part of your cleansing and hydrating regimen, they cannot cure clinical conditions such as eczema, rosacea and allergic contact dermatitis. We recommend these be treated with the assistance of a health care professional.

How do you pronounce Aesop skincare?

For starters, it’s not “ay-sop.” It’s “ee-sop.” And, if you need a reference on how to pronounce the name, then there’s only one person you should look to: Greek fabulist and storyteller Aesop. Watch the video below to hear the right way to pronounce the brand.

What is Aesop popular?

One of the most iconic Aesop products has to be the Parsley Seed Anti Oxidant Serum. Most suited towards combination and sensitive skin, the formula actively fortifies the skin with antioxidants and hydration to give the skin a boost of moisture.

Does Aesop ever go on sale?

Aesop products rarely ever go on sale, so 15% is pretty darn sweet. That means you can stock up for the holiday season ahead and impress your dinner guests or even snag a few for all the hand washing enthusiasts on your list.

Is Aesop good for acne?

The ‘In Two Minds’ range is Aesop’s targeted approach to acne-prone, combination skin, and the trademark cleanser doesn’t disappoint. Of course, Aesop’s iconic aesthetic and packaging only serves to heighten the appeal.



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