Are African Marigolds Hardy?

African marigolds can thrive in many types of soil, have a long blooming season, and are incredibly hardy.

Will African marigold come back?

Do Marigolds Come Back Every Year? The most common types of marigolds for garden planting are annuals. This means that they sprout, flower and die within the same year. However, the flowers do tend to come back the following year due largely to their ability to self-seed.

Is African marigold annual or perennial?

Of the more than 50 species of marigolds, only two are usually grown in gardens: African marigolds (Tagetes erecta) and French marigolds (Tagetes patula). These marigolds and their cultivars, like the African “Aurora” and the French “Bonanza” are annuals, blooming from early summer until the first frost.

How do you take care of an African marigold?

Caring for African Marigolds

African marigolds are heat and drought-resistant flowers that bloom throughout the summer and early fall. While they will tolerate clay or dry soil, they prefer soil that is moist and well-drained. Water regularly to keep the soil moist but not wet.

Are African marigolds good for the garden?

Growing African marigolds or French marigolds around vegetable gardens to repel harmful insects, rabbits and deer is a gardening habit that goes back for centuries. The scent of marigolds is said to deter these pests. Marigold roots also emit a substance that is toxic to harmful root nematodes.

How long do African marigolds last?

Marigold Growth Stages

Garden marigolds are annuals, which means they germinate, grow, bear flowers and die all in one growing season. Generally, their maximum lifespan is less than a year, even when they’re started early in the year indoors instead of starting from seed directly in the garden.

Can marigolds survive the winter outside?

If they’re calendula, they’re pretty tough and if they’ve been outside so far, they’ll go through the winter. French marigolds won’t.

How cold hardy are marigolds?

Marigolds and Low-Lying Frost

Temperatures of 40 F might not kill healthy marigolds, but when the air and ground around the plants hit the freezing mark, your marigolds will die.

What do you do with marigolds in the winter?

Annual marigolds are frost-tender plants and will die in late fall after temperatures drop below freezing. Cut back the marigolds to the ground with clean shears, or simply pull them up roots after they die completely. Remove the trimmings from the bed so they don’t harbor pests over winter.

Do African marigolds spread?

Do marigolds spread? Marigolds are rapidly growing plants and most varieties are self-seeding, which means they will drop seeds and spread throughout your yard or garden. Limit the ability to self-seed by deadheading before blooms go to seed.

Do African marigolds repel mosquitoes?

Plant a pretty repellent. Marigolds. These flowers are colorful additions to landscaping, but they have a distinctive smell that repels mosquitoes and other garden pests, including squash bugs and tomato worms. Marigolds contain a natural compound used in many insect repellents.

Do you deadhead African marigolds?

Marigolds have a long blooming period, but they can bloom from early summer until frost if the expired blossoms are deadheaded regular to prevent the plant from going to seed.

What is the difference between French marigold and African marigold?

The main difference between African and French marigold is that the petals of French marigold flowers are more ruffled than the petals of the African marigolds. Furthermore, French marigolds are available in a wider range of shades, while African marigolds possess petals with yellow-to-orange shadings.

Are African marigolds easy to grow?

Marigolds have long been planted as an easy-to-grow annual that requires very little maintenance. Coming in warm colors of creamy white, yellow, orange, and rusty red, African marigolds can add a welcome pop of color all season long. Even without the blooms, they have appealing deep green foliage.

Why are they called African marigolds?

The marigolds were cultivated in Spain and grown in monastery gardens. From Spain, marigold seeds were transported to France and northern Africa. The taller marigolds, now called African-American, became naturalized in North Africa.

How big do African marigolds get?

African marigolds have large flower heads (up to 5 inches across) on plants that grow from 10 to 36 inches tall, making them good for fresh cutting. French marigolds are smaller and bushier, with flowers up to 2 inches across on plants that are 6 to 18 inches tall.



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