Are Aftermarket Car Stereos Better Than Factory?

Even high-grade factory audio systems usually aren’t up to par. That’s where aftermarket audio systems come in. High-quality power and better circuit designs allow an aftermarket car stereo to not only be louder than the average factory system, but to also provide a clearer, toned, and detailed audio.

Does your car stereo affect sound quality?

Head units have virtually no impact on your sound quality—unless you’re utilizing physical medium such as cassettes. In fact, read the descriptions for most head units and you quickly realize it’s not about sound.

Is it worth upgrading my car stereo?

Audio Quality Improvement

The sound quality in your vehicle is only as good as the speakers and amplifier, as well as the head unit. With the right aftermarket stereo, you can dramatically enhance the quality, allowing you to play the music with more clarity and volume.

Will aftermarket speakers sound better than stock?

Upgrading Your Stock Car Audio Speakers Can Drastically Improve Sound & Performance. Replacing your stock speakers with aftermarket, high performance car audio speakers is the #1 way to get better sound from a car stereo.

Will an aftermarket radio make my speakers louder?

Upgrading your car’s audio system with the best head unit and speakers available will not make much difference in improving sound quality if you’re not providing it with ample and clean power.

What’s the best sound system for a car?

  • Acura – Krell.
  • Audi – Bang & Olufsen.
  • Bentley – Naim.
  • BMW – Harman Kardon.
  • Genesis – Lexicon.
  • Land Rover Range Rover Sport – Meridian.
  • Lexus – Mark Levinson.
  • Lincoln – Revel.

How do I get the best sound quality in my car?

  • Upgrade your speakers. Step one is a no brainer.
  • Upgrade your receiver.
  • Play higher quality music files.
  • Use your best connection.
  • In Fact, Don’t Play Through Your Phone at All.
  • Invest in an amplifier.
  • Install sound dampening materials.
  • Go Easy on the Equalizer.

How much does it cost to get a new sound system in your car?

At Car Stereo City, you could expect to pay as little as $400 to $500 for a complete car audio system package, including our professional installation services, depending on the system you choose.

Should I replace my car stereo?

If you have been turning up the volume and bass on your car stereo often, then it’s a good idea to replace them if you’ve had the car for 5 -10 years. High quality speakers will last longer and cheaper speakers will loose sound quality and get damaged much quicker.

How many speakers should I put in my car?

The number of sound sources in the car should not exceed reasonable limits. For example, sound system 11.2 (eleven regular speakers and two subwoofers) is considered to be the most functional for conventional cars. Quite often, one subwoofer is enough, and that high power is not a necessity.

Are aftermarket car speakers worth it?

Quality. The main argument against replacing speakers is cost, but installing direct replacement aftermarket speakers can be a great way to bump up your sound quality without breaking the bank. Although it can get expensive, if you upgrade to component speakers, you’ll enjoy an improvement in sound quality.

Do I need an amp for aftermarket door speakers?

Can I install door speakers without an amp? You can, although it won’t sound as good. You can wire door speakers up to the stock stereo of your car, although they may lack the right level of power to get the full volume.

How can I make my stock radio sound better?

  • Replace Your Factory Speakers. Most brand new cars come with the cheapest possible speakers.
  • Add Satellite Radio.
  • Add A Subwoofer.
  • Install Sound-Deadening Mats.

Are aftermarket head units worth it?

Does aftermarket radio improve sound? An aftermarket radio is an upgrade from the original factory installed. Therefore, it generally provides high quality sound and music playback while driving.

How many watts are factory car speakers?

Most dealers indicate the power rating of their standard factory car stereos to be 200w.

What makes a speaker better?

Every speaker produces certain frequencies that are louder or softer than others. Assuming that your ultimate goal is accurate audio reproduction, the less variation in loudness between frequencies—in other words, the flatter the frequency response chart is—the better the speaker quality.



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