Are Airsoft Guns Illegal in Nyc?

For the vast majority of the state yes they are legal and actually don’t need to even have an orange tip to signify it isn’t a real firearm. However in NYC they need to be made of clear or bright plastic and you technically need a license. There isn’t anywhere to play airsoft in NYC so not exactly common.

Are airguns legal in New York City?

New York City requires a license to possess a BB gun.

New York City law requires anyone who possesses or sells an air pistol or air rifle to have a specific license to do so, with the exception of licensed operators of “an amusement” or an authorized pistol range.

Is there Airsoft in New York?

Operating since 2010, The War Zone is Western NY’s premier outdoor airsoft field! 18 acres in size, it has a post-apocalyptic, industrial, third-world theme.

Does Amazon Ship airsoft guns to New York?

We do NOT and can NOT ship airguns or bb guns to New York City and its boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, these zip codes are: 100xx-104xx, 110xx, 112xx-114xx, 116xx), the city of Philadelphia, PA and Washington DC.

Are paintball guns legal in New York?

So, what about paintball guns in New York City? They’re perfectly legal if you purchase them and use them for a lawful purpose. Although you might have a few bumps and bruises, there’s no chance you’ll ever face arrest or anything like that.

Is an airsoft gun a firearm?

As defined, Airsoft guns are firearm replicas, often highly detailed, manufactured for recreational purposes.

Can you ship BB guns to New York?

Airguns are restricted in: New York City, NY, its boroughs (Zip Codes 100xx-104xx and 111-114xx, 116xx), New Jersey, Chicago IL and Washington DC. We cannot ship CO2, blank ammo or select PCPs to Puerto Rico, Guam, Alaska, Hawaii, overseas, or anywhere requiring air shipment due to shipping restrictions.

Are gel blasters legal in NY?

New York state law prohibits the sale of imitation weapons that closely resemble real guns.”



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