Are Alex Rims Any Good?

Is Alex rims a good brand?

Alex makes good rims. They’re mostly known for their road rims, but they make quality mtb rims as well. They’re like any rim manufacturer, they have their OEM models and aftermarket models. But the RHD 26’s on your Hopper are of good quality, double walled with eyeleted spoke holes and reasonable weight and strength.

What are Alex rims made of?

The company mixes its own aluminum alloys and does its own extrusions and wheel building in its factory in Tainan. All of its aftermarket products are made there; the company also has some OE rims made in China.

What is Alexrims?

We’re an engineering company that loves cycling. All our engaged staff is highly involved in the development of our product. We ride our products ourselves and test them on World Class races with top professional athletes in all facets of cycling.

Are Alex rims tubeless Ready?

Many of our rims offer our TRS (Tubeless Ready System) technology. Simply install any tubeless compatible tire, rim strip, valve and sealant system for a complete tubeless solution. ALEX CSW technology is a precision CNC machined smooth sidewall to provide ultimate braking efficiency.

Are Alex MTB wheels good?

For training use they are a good choice, able to stand some abuse while not breaking the bank. They are still running smoothly, though they haven’t seen much wet weather, and with the tubeless setup they’re comfortable too. The modern setup – wide rim, tubeless ready and sealed cartridge bearings.

What hubs do Alex rims use?

Alex Rims used their Bear Pawls hub system design which is a traditional pawl and ratchet ring-based solution featuring either 4 pawls or 6 on the e-bike-specific versions. Pawls engage with the 48-tooth ratchet ring to give around 5-6-degrees of engagement. The system is designed specifically to be low maintenance.

How do I know if my wheels are tubeless ready?

A tubeless ready rim will have a sidewall with a hooked design, which helps catch and hold the bead. Older rims will appear rounded without a hook shape. The shape of the rim will force the bead up snug against the outer hook, and will have a deep section in the middle to make it easier to remove.

Who makes Sun Ringle rims?

Part of the Hayes performance Systems company, Sunringle has remained true to its roots since 1982. Highly engineered Hubs, Rims,and wheelsets that riders 100% can depend upon without a second thought.

Do bike wheels have weight limits?

The ultimate limit of a wheel is not in terms of “weight”, but in terms of force. I would guess you could statically load most bicycle wheels with about 1000 pounds of weight without causing a failure. It is dynamic loads that are the issue, and those are hard to predict.



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